Glube Jam!

Glube Jam!


Glube was crowned Best Mascot of the Mx Glube-iverse pageant!
as a 1st place prize, Glube will...

🫵 🫵 be featured in all of your games! 🫵 🫵
(Glube assets are available here!)
Create a game that features or includes Glube,
the mascot of the Society of Play!
Glube is a fun-loving goober with an amorphous figure and vague personal history!
At the start of the jam
We will release a CC0 Rigged 3D Model & Pixel-Art Spritesheet for all to use!
Glube is downloadable in our Public Library!
It's like an asset pack but the only asset is Glube. But do not be discouraged!
We are excited to see new and radically different depictions of our beloved cultural icon. 
Give Glube a  backstory and a starring role!
Make Glube a power-up or an aesthetic inspiration!
Let players solve the mysterious Rubix-Glube!
🏋️💪Density 💪🏋️
🌊💦 Viscosity 💦🌊
🔍🪟 Transparency 🪟🔍
🤪 Goober 🤪
✨🎉TADAA! 🎉✨
Everyone is invited to Society of Play's Discord
Team Forming / Jam Start | March 30, 7 pm CST 
Mid-Jam Show N Play |  April 6, 7 pm CST 
Jam End & Voting Start | April 12, 7 pm CST 
Voting Ends  |  April 19, 7 pm CST 
Official Jam Show-Off Event |  April 20, 7 pm CST 

If you have any questions about Glube, this jam, its rules, or Society of Play, we are always active on Discord. We are looking forward to seeing you all and the glubes that are soon to come!

Jam Key Art & Headers by: Sammy Mahmoudi 
Love Glube? Support our 501(c) Non-Profit by buying some Glube-Merch!
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