Pompous Trash Jam 2!

Pompous Trash Jam 2!


Cast aside your insecurities!
Reject the shackles of expectations that tether us to reality!

Embrace your unbound expression of filth!
Make the scummiest most self-indulgent art you can imagine!




The Pompous Trash Jam is an annual 17-day anything jam!
That means you can submit anything! Video games, board games, a photo collage, music, or whatever!

Kickoff & wrap-up events
They are hosted on our Discord. You can also ask questions, share progress, and build teams! Joining is optional! But we'd love to have you!

What is Pompous Trash?
Idk lol, what is art? That's up to you.


Optional Surprise Modifiers

(pick none, one, or more!)

___??? Announced when the jam starts!
___??? Also announced when the jam starts!
Early to bed, late to rise
Start late or end early! Only spend 10-days on the jam!


1 Be nice
2 Anything can be submitted!
3 Optionally, use surprise modifiers
4 Credit / disclose contributors & asset packs used
5 Do not submit games made before the jam
6 Play and rank other games


Ranking Criteria

Overall - How much did you like this submission?
Objet d'art - How pompous is this submission?
Stink - Up to you!
Stank - Up to you!
Theme Use - How well did this submission leverage "Pompous Trash"?
??? - The secret sauce! And it's up to you!

Important Dates

7/20 - Jam start! Team building & kickoff-event on our Discord!
8/6 - Jam end! Late submissions allowed, instructions on our Discord.
8/10 - Jam wrap-up event! On Discord we'll play everyone's games!
8/13 - Voting ends! You can leave our Discord after this (or not!).


Pompous Trash Jam is for creativity!
Quality is optional!

"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful trash- that will be my life."
-Elise de Wolfe
“ What makes these games special pompous is the way they embrace
the brokenness, distortion, trashiness, journey from place to place that is lost to us during play…
the way they work with how dysfunctional, pointless, or ridiculous games can be…” 
-Nathalie Lawhead
If you have good thoughts, cringe. Only bad thoughts!
they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."
-Roald Dahl


Hosted by Society of Play
(based in Dallas TX 🤠, but for creators everywhere!)

Header art by Codie Mckneely (ArtStation)

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